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Starlight Bazaar a Stellar Success

Starlight Bazaar a Stellar Success

Starlight Bazaar is a night time festival that takes place at the historic Vail Headquarters shopping center in Temecula. The event is hosted by “In the Loop” which is an organization that supports and connects small businesses in the area. In the spirit of showcasing local music, art, food and culture, the bazaar features live bands, street performers, food trucks, and over 50 vendor booths to shop at.

The Buffalo Co. crew set up an outdoor booth at the first Starlight Bazaar of 2018. It was an unusually cool evening for a Spring outdoor event in Temecula. Buffalo Co. stylists threw on jackets and braved the brisk night air to get out and connect with the community. With a theme of “Braids and Fades”, stylists offered free braids complete with glitter, ribbon, and flower hair accessories. Hairstylists were able to exhibit their styling skills in fishtail braids, boxer braids, French braids, and space buns. The glitter braids were the most popular requested style from girls of all ages!

Travis Mitchell also had a barber chair set up in the booth where he showcased his fade skills all night long. With the live music right behind him and the open air and starry sky above, the setting was just stellar. Many curious Temecula locals stopped by to watch and ask questions about the salon. It was a great way to gain exposure and reach out to potential clients in the community.

Even though it was a chilly night for Temecula, the first Starlight Bazaar of the season was definitely a success for Buffalo Co. If you haven’t been to the event before, it is definitely a must. The event is free to attend and it’s the perfect Friday night out for the entire family.

Photo credit: Andrew and Shayna Capili @IamAndrewCapili